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Let me be your guide to LIFE embodiment

A Path to Your Homecoming !

Let me give you a landscape of tools to support you feeling safe on Earth again, trusting you and life again. Transforming fears and traumas, that have made you withdrawn (crawl into your homemade cave) and live way too small, way too quiet and to much settling (for way to less than you deserve)


The homecoming:

Some call it enlightenment, liberation, awakening.

A state of oneness, non dual etc.

I call it (life)embodiment. Its seem so grounded an in body to me. It sooth my style. And it embraces life, in depths that enable us to be in the world (again).

Your spiritual path is not just (but also) about healing traumas, having beautiful spiritual experiences, being a world-servant, light-worker or whatever we are looking for, and going through in the phases on the spiritual path.

It does not stop, with that.

Your journey is largely a a way towards a deeper human wholeness – your true nature. Hence that some call I self-realization.

It has many names, as I said before.



I call it LIFE (embodiment) because it invites us to be fully engaged in life as well.

In the whole journey we are on, on the spiritual path, there is a continuous theme - an inherent red thread.

This red thread is the longing for enlightenment – embodiment !

That journey, towards enlightenment, I would like to take with you. Are you in?


I offer to travel with you into the deep spiritual processes and phases, that appear on the spiritual path and the way towards embodiment, for the spiritual, sensitive woman.

I often call it "The PATH Home" - for me, it's perceived that way.

I am not enlightened, but I know some processes on that path - especially for the sensitive  spirituel woman, like myself.

I am the guide and the nerd, and the one who holds the room and sets the framework and landscapes for you, so that you can safely go through some of the very difficult and painful things, that can arise on that path.

Going alone is like taking a detour - joining it with me and others in the same situation is shooting shortcuts is my experience. More fun and loveling as well.

I am your guide and energetic support.

Through my practices you can get deep support.


There is both physical and psychological processes on the spiritual path as well, the core of everything you experience is not random,
It is carefully organised so that you reach the awakening that is planned for you – when it’s time for you.

Everything you live, make and meet is a part of that road.

Honor you and that!


Through the 7 steps, you will, daily, be especially met and held with the challenges you have as a sensitive woman:


    - overwhelm and overstimulation

    - unhealthy withdrawal

    - hypersensitivity and soreness

    - out of your mind (concretely)

    - not able to contain other people's emotions and energies

    - not being connected with your female joy and profound and erotic nature

    - not enough contact with your body – and human nature in general

    - not enough anchored in yourself

    - resisting ego, oppressing it or being afraid of it (anger, rage and difficult emotions)

    - suppression of yourself and your voice (concretely )

    - deep discouragement, meaninglessness and apathy

    - exhausting habitual patterns such as overeating, love hunger, I need-to be-met-seen-heard-energies, that drained you

    - Difficult containing your own constant reactions, thought patterns and painful emotions

    - deep heart aches and longings of the heart and soul

    - love hunger, nearness and presence-hunger and/or the opposite.

What is your particular challenge?

Do you know?


    - Do you know that ( the above things ) can be a deep stepping stone on the path home?  It's like arrows pointing to the way it's good to go for you to look and meet yourself to transform.

    - Do you know that you can be so connected with yourself, that there is no need of escape, no or less need of redrawing as much as before, and maybe not at all, if you go straight ahead and dedicated yourself to the embodiment processes - and what prevents you from being all the time in this altered and profound state (which you secretly or unconsciously long for).

My practices have been tested and lived by myself, on a daily basis - and fully tailored to the sensitive spiritual woman. And others has been through them as well and have reported great results.

The landscapes and tool (the 7 steps) can stand alone and they can be supported by other spiritual practices - that you feel is good for you. It's no contradiction - you do not have to choose mine over other practices or vica versa, but just feel into what you need. 

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I am coming home to Earth, my body and my human nature.

WOW, I trust in being here again, among people and with my feet of the earth – energetically too.

I’m landing deep in my body, in physical life and in my everyday life.

And I can be spiritual, anyway.  Yes, in fact right here I can be spiritual.

I find my human nature.

I meet and transform my fear of being in my body, the earth and the suffering.

Fear is not as bad as I thought!

It is the fear of the fear that had begun to take over – it´s not reel anymore.

My beautiful contact with the realms of the earth and the earth itself it holding me so beautifully. Yes, the very force of gravity I experience as a deep and loving care from Mother Earth.

It raises me gently - very concrete and feelable. And that's SO beautiful.

I will no longer fight to hold me up and fight against the weight on earth - Mama Gaia holds me.


Im looking deep into the most painful beliefs around me being a sensitive women and the BELIEFS I have have created around that and humanity and the earth – in order to fin profound and renewed peace and life-joy, life-embodiment.

I start out slowly and softly !

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Step 2

I am coming home to my womanhood

I taste my sexuality as a whole new spiritual energy.

I feel the soul and the home in the womb, the pussy and the pelvic floor.


"THERE you are soul", I surpriseingly  say/discover!


I searched outside of my self and up ind the sky, above my head, and found you in the last place I thought you would be. Deep in my uterus, the Mother of Life.

Through the womb there is creation, creativity and eternal play. And I dare to be a woman and I love it.

Sweetness, hotness and sensuality are not just natural but a quality in the life of the spiritual seeker.

I rest within that and feel a fountain of bliss, as an upward current, within me, that enriches me and the world.

I rest in the Erotic Nature of Life - LIFE FORCE.

Unfortunately, I also experience that there is pain, anxiety and a deep (to put it mildly) resistance to the masculine, the social structures and the patriarchal society (which I tend to see in everything - I have so many biases )

And on top of that, I am a sensitive woman! How am I suppose be in the world, it sometimes screams inside me ... and loudly.


The fear of exclusion, being seen as a whore, as promiscuous, as her who takes up to much space, has taught me to shut down and possibly only open up in the bedroom. And even there my sensitive being is in alert. Even with my beloved sweet man.


I am healed and let go of my resistance and surrender to life, the man and let life make love to me, with all that I contains - in small steps though, because I'm scared.

I faintly see the woman-potential and opens for it up in small bites.



I am coming home to the strength of my I AM

 ..of self !


I am coming home to the strength of me-ness


I dare, I can, and I will.


I feel the strength of my I - and I am releasing super powers.



I am proud to be a sensitive and woman - and I do not shy away to the same extent as before!

Withdrawal, isolation and aloneness are coming to its end, and now only chosen when it feels true - and not because I want out and escape.


And if/when I shy away and resign from the norms of the world, rules and "that's-how-we-do-it", then that is my choice - I own it.

I accept the waves of life exactly the way I can, and I duck if I want – that is my choice.

I am a sensitive woman and I do exactly what suits me.








I AM is a deep spiritual tone inside me - I rest in it and feel I AM ... power!


Strength is natural on the spiritual path, I now realise !


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I am coming home to the heart as my nature.


I am coming home to the heart as part of my nature

Love lives in me and have done so, always.

I stop looking outside, "up to realms above" and "down to earth" after the love that I long so desperately for.

I stop calling upon love and instead rest in love deep in my heart - and I connect it with my woman heart in my womb.


The sorrow, the pain, the heart closedness and the deep loneliness in the heart, gathers in a genuine women-tantric way and I enjoy tasting them and being (with) them.

 I dive deep into them.

To be vulnerable, emotional and sensitive is beautiful and anchored within me and my 2 hearts. From there I can and dare diving deep into myself and my sea of my emotions.




I am the love I have been searching for, for soooo long.


Imagine, I am the one I have been seaching for!




I am coming home to my voice


Natural expression

Sound and voice

I am starting to sense how I have been holding back Im here as well.


The voice is connected to SO many places inside me.


- I let go of what feels to tight in my body

- I let go and I roar with wolves

- I find my instinctive expressions in the face


I discover that expression is not only sound, but also movement/dance, song and art - and everything creative inside and outside me


Expressions are also phasing out the stiff and old patterns that keeps me from expressing myself in body, sound and motion.

I meet it gently and softly and melts and opens - I relax deep in my muscles!

Expressions are a relaxation - a deep relaxation within me - a silence of just being, not hiding, just sit with me as I am!


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I am coming home to my wisdom/my head


At the center of my head I rest once again - what a giftshop this body is. This head is. A big view, life and clarity appears in me.


It is quiet - oh what a great relief.


I no longer believe in all the concepts that thoughts create - pheeew!


I find a feminine princip - a living presence that the mental (body) is made of.


I see through glamor and illusion with the timeless practice: Inquiry


I ask: “is it true?”


Is that true what the thoughts are telling?

That what my little mind is predicting of dystopian prophecies?


Thoughts rumbles, roars and shoot me down like machinegun-volleys - and I have again and again and again succumbed to beliefs, concepts, and eternally devastating mindsets.

 My sensitive mind is deeply concerned about almost everything. It tries to control life and create predictability. "Protect yourself" it says.

The mind tells me untrue stories of life on earth, about myself and "my neighbour" - and I almost can’t bare it.

At times, I shut down and off and think that positive thinking gives me peace, but  only to discover later on,  that they now live in the subconsciousness, and from there they are even more destructive.

The dwell !!! 


I must face up to my shadows - both the dark AND the light ones.


Both gods and demons are now an obstacle on the way to enlightenment - they stand in the way of the freedom that is my birthright - the way home - embodiment!



Come home to the light above, without losing yourself and the grounding


I accept all the exciting experiences that come from above/inner realms. I am lifted, I am healed, and energies is filling my being.


Angels, Gods and Goddesses.

Multidimensional universes

Light realms, galaxies, starchildren and angelpeople

Grails so deep and beautiful

And much more from above


I am sucking it all in and enjoying it - and then it becomes silent.


I am left alone with the longing – I am not "full" even though I have tasted so much.

I want the wholeness now, embodiment, enlightenment, call it what you want. I want to go home.


Not like an escape upward, but as a path down and inward-like. LIFE embodiment seem to meet met. 


I discover the overstimulations and imbalances that subtly have placed itself in my bodies and I am tired - tired of searching outwards, upwards and downwards ... because the "fullness" does not take place.


Again, I relate to the light from above.


  • At first into the body and there will be light again.
  • Only now can I heal my old resistens and burns. Only now I can heal present or past too violent kundalinis, manic experiences, energy fatigues and other oversimulations from the light above.
  • Only now I dare to admit that I looked up ( into realms in heaven like state ) because I did not dare to look inward and downward.


Only now I see that there is no up or down. That all chakras are equally divine - Life is at eye level.


The light IS allover and in all.


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from overwhelm to embodiment.png

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This is not an ordinary course.


It is a so-called spiritual training - A SPIRITUEL PRACTICE of Way Home.


In some traditions also called temple training.


In other trainings you go on retreat and/or go within - and in other (a little more in ancient times than now, but still), for example in Buddhist traditions, you sat in caves in maybe 2, 3 or 12 years!


Some (a few) went into retreat, most of their lives. Away from what lured and tempted, it was said.


In Christian traditions, they went to monasteries like monks and nuns in prayer and contemplation. It was called renouncing the worldly demands in order to serve (God).


Withdrawal to phase out the deep desires and patterns of the ego. To be involved in deep inner processes and practices has always been common on the spiritual path.


And it is such a practice I offer you, with the 7 steps, specially tailored to the spiritual, sensitive woman


Our challenge today is that we are so-called modern people who are "naturally entangled" in life, in ways that make us unable to pull ourselves out of it, into retreat, monasteries and similar.


And often we do not even want it.


There are the children, the family, the partner, the sexuality, the job and everything around that which demands our attention and which we are drawn to.


In this "modern version", the feminine offers its deep wisdom, telling us that everything is divine, that life as it is commonly lived, is the place where the where we as human beings are trained spiritually.

Telling us hat the practices are only fully integrated when they are lived:

  • - That the physical is not an illusion.


  • - That we should not be seeking up (into loftly realms) and away from here but stay right here, here and now - be present with was is.


  • - That we can cultivate deep nowness and presence in what we are doing through our daily activities.


  • - That we should not raise us up from and out of the feelings, emotions and reactions, but that there is a deep feminine tantric way, not only to transform emtions, but through emotions we are discovering livefullliness, aliveness and ultimately love - the source of life itself.


  • - That the "I" have a place as the center of power and personal boundaries. The "I" should not be thrown out with the ego-process. The ego is recognized in even greater depths.


  • - That sexuality is a spiritual energy that lives in you. It should not be hamed or made wrong - but lifted into deep processes of development of bliss and beauty and sexuality as a lifefore within us.



This course is for those who long for the understanding of where you are on the Way Home, going deeper into the dismantling of the old painful patterns and painful behaviors - feel that embodiment/enlightenment IS for you.

And it is the sensitive, the emotional, the vulnerable, the liquidlike and the womanly in you, that is the way home for you as a human being on the path of enlightenment. And in the proces of THAT you automatically meet the masculine intervowen into you. You ARE WHOLE and has always been.

You are returning to tru nature.

Welcome HOME dear lovely sensitive woman-soul!


Do you want that

Then lets have a discovery session together, to see if we are a match.

Pm on messenger or her at this email adresse:



THIS is what happens:


Step by step


Step by step do you inhabit your body - little by little, week after week

Step by step you come into yourself

Step by step, the patterns and pains that prevents you from landing in yourself and on the - coming home, is mapped out.

Step by step you will discover how you have been" out of you" - and why and how you softly and gently are called home.

Step by step you are sitting with yourself, little by little.

Step by step, you discover and map out old beliefs and exhausting thoughts, emotions



You can use the practices that are most relevant to you in the order they are most alive in you.




Every day you are supported with a live meditation.

I am there for you every day (except holiday, vaications and illness.

You can also participate at the time of the day that suits you the best. It is up to you.

Every week there is a live workshop that you can attend whenever YOU want.

Every day you can share with the others and me (depending on your investment).

Every day you can ask for support and help from me (depending on your investment - Gold, Silver or Bronze.

Every week 1 session: 7 sessions that accurately match your challenges and tailor the direction that serves you best (depending on your investment - Gold, Silver or Bronze. 



Gold, Silver or Bronze - find the investment that fits your needs:


Look further down to investigate which investment suits you the best.

Everything is designed as sensitive and woman-friendly practices that meets you as a sensitive woman.

And they are so universal that when the course is over, that you on and off can continue the work because you have got a solid, well-arranged and deeply tested drivers license as to how you, like a sensitive woman, walk the way home to wholeness, unity and enlightenment.


Talk to me

Write to me at if you want a personal talk with me whether this practice/course is something for you. The sensitive person may have some additional worries or concerns that must be discussed and met.

I will help you land it in a talk with you on skype, facetime or messenger.

Perhaps we should "look at" your energy system and do some small exercises that helps you say "HELL YES" or "NO".

Do not hesitate to get my help landing it!

It is for free and just a discovery of if we are a match and that the course meets your needs.

I open for 10 person, for now- maybe less, depending on choice of bronze, silver, gold.

Look forward to seeing you.



When you contact me - when we talk (in order to see and feel if we are a match) you will get more details.

After talk you will recieve a link to investment, if we find that we are a match.

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What ever investment you choose (from below), you will get ascess to "Tempel of Meditating community", because that is a daily part to you in the course, because it is my deep understanding and experience that it is an important tool and craft (to learn) on your way home. To embody on a daily level. Getting closer to enlightenement.


You will:


  • Daily come into yoursel.
  • Daily reduce overwhelm and overstimulation.
    Daily feeling your body.
    Daily dropping your body - sin deep into it.
    Daily sit with yourself.
    Daily meet yourself.
    Daily honor yourself.
    Daily feel who you REALLY are.
    Daily notice the true nature of your humanity.
  • Daily transform your negative  emotions.
  • Daily learn to see through and let go of neagtive beliefs.
  • Daily sink into peace and calm
  • Daily connectect with you, others and/or humanity as a whole.
  • Daily awakening aliveness in you
  • Daily trust and hopefullness
  • Daily feel deep inner inspiration


You what that and more ?

Well come aborad the deep inner your journey with me

Its the best investment in you ever:

Your investment


3.350 €

1. 7 workshops to selfstudy

2. Membership of meditation community with daily live meditations - 49 in total

3. Not owning anything (nor course, nor meditaitons)


3 installments of 1.300

2 installment of 1.950 €



3.750 €

1. 7 workshops / livestreams
2. Facebook group
3. Question answered by me at livestream's and facebook group
5. Membership of meditation community with daily live meditations - 49 in total
6. Owning course


3 installments of 1.450 €

2 installment of 2.150 €



6.550 €

1. 7 workshops / livestreams
2. Facebook group
3. Question answered by me at livestream's and facebook group
4. Member of meditation community with daily live meditations - 49 in total
5. Owning course
6. Owning meditations
7. 7 sessions - 1 each week


3 installments of 2.550 €

2 installment of 3.800 €

Want one of the above investment in your life?

Then lets have a discovery session together, to see if we are a match.

Pm on messenger or her at this email adresse:




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